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A home inspection can be a critical tool in helping you make a confident and informed decision with your home whether you are selling, buying or for the safety and maintenance of your home. We are trained professionals that have both the experience and knowledge to help turn you into a smart investor. Our inspection services include:

Buyers Inspection

If you are buying a home, there is no better way of determining the strengths and weaknesses of a property. For both new and older homes an inspection can be an invaluable resource in identifying both large and small problems that may require attention. ( See our Inspection Overview for more details. )

Sellers Inspection or Pre-Purchase Inspections

If you are selling your own home or using a realtor, it is always a great idea to have a professional home inspection. All homes have strengths and weaknesses and we can help you determine how serious the conditions are and which ones need immediate attention. If you take a proactive position and show a prospective buyer that you take pride in your home, the purchaser will have much more confidence and trust, thereby making your home more appealing. The closing can also be much easier because you have shown due diligence in maintaining your home.

Warranty Inspections or New Home One Year Inspections

If you have already purchased a new home, a builder is typically required to provide a one-year warranty. Some defects from construction will not be obvious for several months, and hopefully you have developed a “Punch List” of corrections for the contractor to repair as part of that warranty. A home inspection can help by listing defects and potential problems before they develop into something serious down the road, such as improper shingle and flashing installation or plumbing leaks.

Additional Services:

Follow-up or Re-Inspections
Radon Testing
Pools/Spa Testing
Well Water Testing
Lead Testing
Carbon Monoxide Testing
Septic Tank Testing (Dye Test)
Asbestos Testing